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Who Are Exposure Design?

Exposure design was conceived through what we percieved to be as a shortage in good affordable new media design for the entertainent industry.

At Exposure design we pride ourselves in creating cutting edge tailor made new media solutions at affordable prices.

Being jobbing and former actors/directors/ producers ourselves we understand the nature of the relationship between agent, actor and casting director and feel this gives us an advantage in providing websites that cater for you, our clients, real needs unlike many corporate design firms.

We have direct experience with the Spotlight and their live casting tools. We have spent the years since our inception in 2003 guaging the views of directors/casting directors in theatre/tv and the commercial sector in what makes for a successful and more importantly a useful online presence in todays arts marketplace.

We like to think of it as websites for the entertainment industry by the entertainment industry.


You've been to the swanky drama school, got the agent, the CV, the showreel - but is there anything else you could be doing to get your name out there?

Why not join the growing number of actors who have gone online and invested in their own website. The internet today, is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to communicate a message and if your not using it, how will you compete with the thousands who are?

The proliforation of the internet over the last five years has been truly remarkable and it shows no sign yet of slowing down. More and more industries are embracing the power of the web and the acting world although slow on theuptake will invariably follow.

With the vast majority of casting directors online, a strong presence on the internet is critical for every serious actor. The integration of all your promotional material into a multimedia website is a time saving tool used by more and more professionals in today's biz.

A professional internet presence can be a real asset and doesn't have to be costly in terms of time and money. Here at exposure design we work with each actor individually to create a website that suits the product they have to sell (themselves) so that their showcase on the web makes a personal statement the casting director will not easily forget.


Actors exposure is a powerful flash driven personal website application with integrated content-management systems designed by the exposure design team specifically for the purpose of marketing professional actors.

Where as in the past casting directors had to make the decision on who to bring in for an audition on a headshot and cv alone. They now can be one click away from a treasure trove of information professionally designed with clear branding, headshots, performance photography, streaming audio clips, video showreel, up-to-date news and much much more. Which way would you rather have it?

Actors exposure is integrated with one of our simple content management system that allows you, the user, to be in complete control. With an easy to use yet intuative interface in a password protected admin area you can add/edit/delete your photos/news items/gallery photos and even upload new video and audio showreel material.

Once an edit/addition is made it is instantly live to the whole word and you can make ammendments 24/7 365 days a year, no more waiting for the office to open.

Whilst all actors exposure websites are built on the same platform we do try to tailor the site to product you have to sell - ie. yourself - and all websites include a branding exercise to turn your name into a logo/housestyle/brand that is easily identifyable and hopefully memorable for casting directors/directors.


Well, yes it's true that if you went to most design agencies and asked for something similar you would be looking at a step budget of around 20-25K. But they would be including in the cost a large coding team and huge amount of development time.

Here at exposure we're one step ahead and have spent the last 12 months developing this product specifically for you and it's ready to go now. Afterall as one time actors/directors/producers we know how tight the purse strings can be and there is little point producting something that your customers cannot afford! Please contact us for a quote.

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